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68 Basketball Drills

The drill linked to this page in the index/table below are presented here with full permission of the Greenvale Basketball Club Inc. based in Greenvale, in the north western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  (For the emails supporting this statement see the two letters under the table of 68 drills.)


What follows is presented with thanks to the...


  Greenvale Basketball Club Inc (A0027577N)

                authored by Andrew Haysom

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Drill 01 - Bull In The Ring --- Passing, Defense

Drill 02 - Bump The Cutter --- Defense

Drill 03 - Chill Drill --- Dribbling

Drill 04 - Close Out Drill --- Defense                   

Drill 05 - Defensive Shuffle And Pass --- Defensive Stance, Footwork, and Passing

Drill 06 - Fifty Passes --- Passing, Moving Without The Ball, Defense, Deny

Drill 07 - Five Corner Passing --- Passing

Drill 08 - Five On Four Plus One --- Transition

Drill 09 - Four On Four Recover --- Transition

Drill 10 - Full Court Four Line Passing --- Passing, Transition

Drill 11 - Chase (Full Court Lay-ups With Chaser) --- Transition, Lay-Ups

Drill 12 - Full Court Lay-ups --- Transition

Drill 13 - Horseshoe Shooting --- Shooting, Passing, Receiving

Drill 14 - Bump (Knockout) --- Shooting

Drill 15 - Line Dribbling Drills --- Dribbling

Drill 16 - Lay-up And Rebounding Lines --- Lay-ups, Rebounding, Passing 

Drill 17 - Line Running Drills --- Body Movement Fundamentals

Drill 18 - Mass Defensive Drill --- Defensive Stance and Footwork

Drill 19 - Mirror Drills --- Defense

Drill 20 - Motion Offense - Ball Reversal, Receivers --- Motion Offense

Drill 21 - Motion Offense - Cutting To Get Open --- Motion Offense

Drill 22 - Motion Offense - Dribble Entries --- Motion Offense

Drill 23 - Motion Offense - Give And Go --- Motion Offense

Drill 24 - Motion Offense - Perimeter To Post --- Motion Offense

Drill 25 - Motion Offense - Post Players --- Motion Offense

Drill 26 - Motion Offense - Pick (Screen) & Roll --- Motion Offense, Pick and Roll

Drill 27 - Motion Offense - Pick (Screen) Away --- Motion Offense, Pick and Roll

Drill 28 - Mushball --- Free Throw Shooting, Offense/Defense Close To Basket

Drill 29 - One On One --- Individual Offense, Defense

Drill 30 - Pass, Shoot And Rebound --- Offense

Drill 31 - Pass, Shoot, Box Out --- Shooting, Boxing Out

Drill 32 - Penetrate And Dish --- Offense

Drill 33 - Pepper Drill --- Passing, Receiving

Drill 34 - Monkey (Pig) In The Middle --- Passing, Defense

Drill 35 - Pivot Away, Two On One --- Pivoting, Offense

Drill 36 - Post Moves --- Individual Offense, Defense

Drill 37 - Power Post Pickups --- Power Lay-Ups

Drill 38 - Pride Drill --- Transition, Conditioning

Drill 39 - Shell Drill --- Team Defense

Drill 40 - Slide Run Slide --- Defense

Drill 41 - Star Drill (Pass and Follow Pass) --- Passing, Receiving, & Power Lay-Ups

Drill 42 - Ten Fingers --- Cutting, Passing, Shooting

Drill 43 - Terminator --- Dribbling

Drill 44 - Three On Two, Two On One --- Transition

Drill 45 - Three Man Weave --- Passing, Receiving, Offensive and Transition

Drill 46 - Turning And Channeling The Dribbler --- Individual Defense, Dribbling

Drill 47 - Two Teams Sliding --- Defense

Drill 48 - Cincinnati --- Passing, Offensive Transition

Drill 49 - Create A Lead --- Offense

Drill 50 - Dribble, Cut, Pass & Drive --- Dribble, Cut, Pass and Drive

Drill 51 - Half Court, Two Pass Drill --- Passing, Lay-Ups

Drill 52 - Triangle Passing --- Passing, Receiving

Drill 53 - Team Shoot (Triangle Shooting) --- Shooting


Drills 54 to 68 authored by Patrick Suessmuth, Erin Hoops

Drill 54 - Circle Lay-Ups --- Shooting

Drill 55 - Fifty --- Shooting Game

Drill 56 - Break Away Lay-Ups (Drill One) --- Shooting

Drill 57 - Pivot Pass --- Passing, Triple Threat, Pivoting

Drill 58 - In and Out the Window --- Crossover Dribbling & Shooting

Drill 59 - Twenty-seven --- Shooting, Rebounding

Drill 60 - 10-5-10-5 --- Shooting and rebounding

Drill 61 - Out and In --- Shooting

Drill 62 - Quick Lay-ups --- Shooting

Drill 63 - 2 on 1 Trailer Attack - Fast Break

Drill 64 - Full Court Drive - Dribbling and Defense

Drill 65 - 5 Man Weave - Offensive Transition, Passing and Receiving

Drill 66 - 5 Man Outlet Weave - Offensive Transition, Passing and Receiving

Drill 67 - Bank That Shot - Shooting

Drill 68 - Quick-Timed Lay-ups - Shooting



The two emails involved in bringing these superb drills to the

Erin Hoops web site are what follows.


First email sent August 27, 2001 @ 4:09 pm. by Patrick Suessmuth


Dear Greenvale Grizzlies:

I have visited your web site a number of times.  It has proved very helpful to me here in Erin, Ontario, Canada (Erin is 50 miles northwest of Toronto.)


I downloaded your “file” of 53 drills and have been thoroughly impressed by their usability and basic simplicity.


I hadn’t fully appreciated the HOURS of work that must have gone into writing up those 53 drills UNTIL I tried to write up a few more drills to add to your set.  Man you are to be congratulated for your contribution to basketball.


I have attached (and I hope you can open and see diagrams and all) the eight drills (54 to 61) I have added.  Please feel free to add them to your set if you feel so inclined.  No copyright clearance beyond this email is needed for you to use them as they are purely my writings.


I have a web site too for our Erin Hoops Basketball Club.  You are welcome to go and view it.  It is radically different from yours in many place, yet similar in others.  In building the Erin Hoops site I have tried to instill an element of fun into the site along with all the basketball stuff I felt needed communicating.


Now for the big question, can you send me approval to publish your 53 Drills on my web site?  If yes, can I lift the your Grizzly loge and incorporate it also into the republished drill giving you full credit for the fantastic job you have done, including authorizing me to publish it for use by visitors to my site.




Take a gander at the
Erin Hoops web site


The beautiful, unbelievably prompt email response received

August 28, 2001 @ 9:44 am. from Andrew Haysom follows.



Thanks for your complimentary comments regarding our website. It is basically all my work so I appreciate your kind words. Most of the coaching info (drills, player handouts, homework sheets, training plans etc.) were materials I created as a part of the project I had to do to get my Level 2 Coaching Accreditation (this is a scheme run by our sports governing body here in Australia). So I thought I may as well reuse and make available on the website.


You are right, it was HOURS (actually MONTHS if the truth be known, just ask my wife) of work. Anyway, all worth it in the end.


I have had a quick look at the files you sent me, but not a really detailed one. They look good, I will publish them on the website (with credits of course). I see you are also using the Basketball Playbook program, isn't it great (especially for the price).


I will have a browse around your website over the next few days and let you know what I think.


You are free to use my materials in whatever way you see fit, but I do appreciate a credit on whatever you do with them. I'd also appreciate a link to from your site if you have a links page. I have no problem in you using the logo on my drills if you wish.


I think it awesome to be able to communicate to people with like interests and hobbies on the other side of the world - isn't the net great !


Anyway, keep in touch


Andrew Haysom

Webmaster, President and Coach

Greenvale Grizzlies

Melbourne Australia


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